Comparing Globe Tattoo, SmartBro and Sun Broadband Wireless

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Smart Bro now has two 'unlisurf' packages  (September 17, 2010)  P100 2 days and P200 for 5 days.

Smart has eliminated their 50 peso one day load it seems.  So you muay want to switch to SUN or Globe which still offers the one day for 50 pesos and in fact Sun offers 3 hours for 25 pesos and 3 eays for 100 pesos or 7 days for 250 pesos.
50 pesos one day or 5 days is 220.  I would suggest that the 5 days is better at SMART at only 200 Pesos.
Sun Broadband Wireless P50 (SBW50) one day  unlimited internet
Sun Broadband Wireless P100
Sun Broadband Wireless P250 7 days unlimited internet
Contact the SUN hotline by dialing 200 on your cell phone to get the details
From Tonycruz website link follows below.    More and more Filipinos have again gone wireless to connect to the internet. Recently, the three major wireless telcos have pushed down the cost of their wireless broadband modems or dongles to as low as P888 in a common effort to outsell competitors. The competition has gone so fierce that rivals Smart and Globe have come out with ads claiming their respective wireless broadband service is faster. Curiously, both did not include Sun in their ads.  Read an up to date review of the three services, speeds, cost comparison at this bloggers site  (although he did not include the new P2000 unlimited plan from Globe and Globe & Smart offer of P20 a day for surfing  certain social sites or the new unlimited Blackberry surfing from SMART daily rate or the SMART BRO Share it at P999 a month. )   Read his comparisons and excellent chart  here  but you will have to highlight the site as its hard to read in brown
The blogger writes Globe and Smart are apparently still stingy in offering and approving applications for postpaid Globe Tattoo and SmartBro accounts. Sun Cellular has taken advantage of this by offering the widest choices for postpaid subscribers.
But SUN has made available an Easy Broadband 799 Plan which requires only the submission of one ID and the advanced payment of two monthly service fees, and without any contract. Those already with a modem or dongle can also avail of the SBW 799 SIM Only Plan – again without a long list of requirements and with a short contract of just six months.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Now, you may send text messages using Smart Bro Plug-It!

How to Use:                                             
 1. On your Smart Bro Client Interface, click on SMS icon
 2. Select NEW from Smart Bro Explorer Window
 3. Type the message and target Smart Bro / Cellphone no. and click SEND.
*160 characters per SMS


New Smart BRO Features! 

Ang SmartBro Prepaid Plug-it ay mas pinagaling pa with these new features:


Maximize your load by switching to minute-by-minute charging. Simply register to the following Smart Bro Per Minute Packages:

How to Avail:
1. Register and Log on to Web Connect .
2. Select Per Minute Packages
3. Select the Per Minute package you wish to avail.
4. Click Submit button


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Check out the resources here at the links below just click the titles

SMART BRO plug-it internet annouces per minute rate promo

I wrote last week in my Telecommunications  blog that why does SMART use a complicated formula to charge you in 30 minute blocks rather than charging you actual per minutes used. If you sign in at 8:15 for example, you only really get 15 minutes before the 8:30 blocks comes up.They should just charge by the minute and be finished with it, why do they treat customers this way?

I am happy to say in full page ads this week, SMART Bro has annouced that per minute charging is now being offered. But its only for those that register at
and the promo only lasts for now until October 15, 2009

The SMART BRO Share it review has been very popular so I have now added resources on the SMART BRO plug it usb modem available both as pre paid and post paid (1500 a month unlimited or 10 peso per 30 minutes)
Read the manual, antenna where to buy, trading modems for SUN and making openline to use for SMART BRO/Globe or SUN  speeds, extension cords to use outside and even a router made for this plug it 3 G.  
  • Check out how to make open line and buy an antenna at the above links as well to get better signal
  • Check out my review of Globe Tattoo (plug it) usb here reduced price until end of October is 899
For more details on the SMART BRO plug it  which includes the manual and antenna suggestions to get better signal click this link
Also visit my blog on SMART BRO SHARE IT which includes the manual and antenna suggestions to get better signal and a full review SMART Bro Share It Internet now Unlimited
Sun just finally met the competition a little by now offering 180 free for 30 days when you buy their 1895 usb plug it modem. Smart now offers modem for 999 and Globe for 895

My complete blog for Smart share it