Globe Tattoo vs Smart Bro vs Sun Broadband?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Globe Tattoo vs Smart Bro vs Sun Broadband?

WHICH ONE IS THE BEST? This is the million dollar question of all mobile internet users in the Philippines nowadays :)

Is cost a good measure? Not really. The cost of connection is not a factor since all the 3 networks are offering very comparable rates.

How about speed? All 3 providers are also offering HSDPA, 3G, EDGE, & GPRS connectivity.

So what's the verdict?
- Use Smart Bro when surfing on remote places in the Philippine
- Globe Tattoo is the neutral choice but definitely not the fastest. (Personally, I use Globe tatoo since I can easily use my Globe Post Paid line to add some load to it):)
- It's advisable to use Sun Broadband when you're not too mobile and just surf on coffee shops on key cities in Metro Manila and in the Philippines. If I don't have the convenience of having a Globe Post paid line to reload my Tattoo,I'll definitely go for Sun Broadband. :)

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Yahoo answers comment Globe Tattoo vs Smart Bro vs Sun Broadband?
I am experienced with Globe, Globe Tattoo, Sun, Sun Wireless, Smart Bro, Smart Wireless, and PLDT DSL. Now back to Smart Bro.. if you are Using LAptop and roam around in Manila better Smart wireless prepaid or postpaid(1900 pesos). If you are stay at home better use Smart Bro (999 pesos /month).

Smart BRo speed 41-45KB/s (320-388Kbp/s)
Smart Wireless speed 23-30KB/s (180-240 kbp/s)
Globe Tattoo speed 12-26 KB/s
Globe wireless speed 29-35 KB/s
Sun depends on Area..
PLDT is wired connection...
Bayantell is wired connection..
Globe tattoo, Smart bro or Sun Broadband Wireless?

=if you are an urban guy and wants good quality - go globe. globe has the best investment in 3g and 3.5g technology and has excellent signal quality in urban areas

if you are a traveller and relies on good coverage - go smart. smart has signal where globe and sun does not have one.

if you living in manila and wants value for money - go sun. unlimited is the way to go!

=Well said, exactly what I'm thinking as well, not to mention personal experience about the three providers. To add to that, Sun has been rolling out the newest technology among the three and it's just a matter of time before it overtakes the other two providers in terms of wireless broadband products.
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Sun just finally met the competition a little by now offering 180 free for 30 days when you buy their 1895 usb plug it modem. Smart now offers modem for 999 and Globe for 895

Smart Bro now has two 'unlisurf' packages  (September 17, 2010)  P100 2 days and P200 for 5 days.

Smart has eliminated their 50 peso one day load it seems.  So you muay want to switch to SUN or Globe which still offers the one day for 50 pesos and in fact Sun offers 3 hours for 25 pesos and 3 eays for 100 pesos or 7 days for 250 pesos.
50 pesos one day or 5 days is 220.  I would suggest that the 5 days is better at SMART at only 200 Pesos.
Sun Broadband Wireless P50 (SBW50) one day  unlimited internet
Sun Broadband Wireless P100
Sun Broadband Wireless P250 7 days unlimited internet
Contact the SUN hotline by dialing 200 on your cell phone to get the details
SMART Bro Broadband

10 pesos per 30 mins surfing still is available
1 SMART Bro UnliSURF is designed for heavy internet users so plug-in your stick right about now. For an affordable price of P200, you'll get 5 days of unlimited surfing (P40 per day). Here's how to use SMART Bro UnliSURF thru Webconnect or SMS text.

There is also a 100 peso package (you can send a text to unlisurf from your smart usb and but you must have 2 extra pesos load, as the message costs 1 peso and you must maintain 1 peso load.

To enjoy SMART Bro UnliSURF via Webconnect:

Log on to
Select UnliSURF Packages then click Submit.
Via SMS:

Text UNLISURF 200 send to 2200 (subscriber must have initial load balance of P210).
Text UNLISURF 100 send to 2200 (subscriber must have initial load balance of P110).

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