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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pre paid Facts

1. How much will the Smart Bro Prepaid kit cost?

Smart Bro Prepaid kit costs P995 which already includes a USB modem and a SIM card. It already has a P100 preloaded broadband load which can be used up to 5 hours of high-speed broadband internet use.

2. What are the necessary documents needed to apply for a Smart Bro Prepaid?

None as this is a prepaid offer.

3. How much will be the rate per use?

You will be charged P10 for every 30 minutes. To illustrate the 30-minute block metering, example:

Scenario 1:

Anna connects to the internet at 8:30, then disconnects at 8:50 (total of 20 minutes) -> consumption is already rounded off to 30 minutes (note: this is the first 30-minute block)

Scenario 2:

Anna connects to the internet at 8:30, then disconnects at 8:50 (total of 20 minutes), then reconnects again at 8:55 up to 9:00. (total of 5 minutes). Consumption is only counted as one block of 30-minute since this is within the first 30-minute block.

Scenario 3:

Anna connects to the internet at 8:30, then disconnects at 8:50 (total of 20 minutes), then reconnects again at 8:55 up to 9:05 (total of 10 minutes) -> consumption is already counted as two (2) blocks of 30-minutes, wherein:

usage from 8:30 to 8:50, then 8:55 to 9:00 is for the first 30-minute block (note: that this is the first 30-minute block)

usage from 9:01 to 9:05 is for the second 30-minute block

4. What are my reloading options once I already consumed the preloaded broadband load?

There are two ways of reloading your Smart Bro Prepaid account:

a. Smart Bro Load Card

b. Smart Load via retailer

5. What will be the reloading procedure if I use a Smart Bro Load Card?

a. Lightly scratch off the ink on the card to see the 14-digit PIN.

b. On any Smart GSM cell phone, text

Reload and send to 1510

c. You will receive an SMS from 1510 on the Smart GSM cell phone showing the updated Prepaid balance

and another SMS on your Smart Bro modem message inbox confirming load receipt.

6. What will be the reloading procedure if via Smart Load retailer?

a. Retailer goes to his retailer menu on his Smart GSM cell phone and selects Smart Load, then the Load function

b. Retailer then enters your Smart Bro Prepaid number.

c. Retailer highlights from the list the denomination that you want to purchase.

* Please refer to below list of available Smart Bro Prepaid Load Packages.

d. Retailer will be prompted to confirm loading details

e. After confirmation, retailer will receive an SMS from SMART Load on his Smart GSM cell phone detailing the successful loading, while you will receive a different SMS on your Smart Bro modem message inbox confirming load receipt.

7. How will I inquire for the reload balance?

You may check the remaining balance of your Smart Bro prepaid using our Webconnect facility. Just log-on to register your SMART Bro prepaid account. Note: Registration only needs to be done once.

8. How does Smart Bro prepaid compare to other mode of internet access?

Smart BRO Pre-paid


Internet Shop


Up to 384 kbps where 3G coverage is available

Up to 56 kbps







P 10 for every 30 minutes

P 90 for 16 hours

P 20 to P 30 per hour




Limited to selected areas

9. What are Smart Bro’s advantages over the other internet services?

Mas abot kaya – P10 lang kada P30 minutes Mabilis – Up to 7x faster than dial-up Surf kahit saan – Nationwidest coverage! Just plug it kahit saan may PC

Off the shelf and readily available. No need to sign a contract! Loading can be done via Smart Bro Load Card or via any Smart Load Outlets nationwide.

10. What are the requirements to get connected?

The subscriber’s system requirements are: CPU: 500 MHz or higher RAM: 128MB or higher Hard Disk: 20 MB or higher USB 2.0 port* Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista MAC OS X

*Note: If the configuration is below the recommended requirements, the performance of the modem may be affected.

11. Where can interested customers purchase the Smart Bro Prepaid Kit?

You can buy the Smart Bro Prepaid Kit through any of the following channels:

A) Any Smart Wireless center nationwide

B) Through an accredited Smart Bro Agent

C) Through any of the accredited Smart Bro Dealers

click here to see list → AccreditedSmartBroDealers.doc

12. How can I load my Smart Bro Prepaid if I am not a Smart GSM user?

It is encouraged that you use a Smart GSM SIM. However, your other options are:

A) Via Smart Load

B) Smart Bro Load Card by using another Smart GSM cell phone

13. Where can I call for questions or other concerns?

You can call our friendly Customer Care at *1888 from your Smart Cellphone or dial 02-6727277 using a landline. You can also visit any Smart Wireless Center.

14. Can I reload my account with text load denominations such as All-text, Gaan-text?

No. Text load denominations (such as All-text, Gaan-text and the like) are not applicable.

15. What will happen to the free text credits?

Free text credit is not applicable. When you reload your Smart Bro Prepaid account via Smart Load, you actually get broadband load. This means the entire load amount is good for data only and cannot be used for voice and text.

16. Can I use my Smart Bro Prepaid for international roaming?

No. Currently, international roaming feature for Smart Bro Prepaid is not yet available.

17. Are subscribers guaranteed the published speeds?

Smart Bro’s published speeds are the maximum possible speeds given in the broadband connection. While the speed can often burst to such levels, there are times when forms of technical interference such as noise, electrical shorts or software problems can interfere with the speed, which are beyond Smart’s control.

Also, very busy websites like Yahoo and MSN occasionally suffer from slowdowns, as well as graphic-heavy sites such as mySpace, Multiply or Friendster. The servers of most of these major sites are often located in other countries, such as the United States, which can further degrade performance due to the distance the signal must travel.

It is also highly recommended that you are situated in a 3G/HSDPA covered location to enjoy the maximum speed the service can deliver. (Link on the coverage)

18. Can the modem be infected or be a carrier of a virus being a USB device?

The USB modem cannot be infected or be a carrier of a virus since it has no storage capacity.

19. Where can I get a replacement battery for the USB modem?

The USB modem does not require a battery. It shall automatically obtain power supply once plugged into your PC or laptop.

20. Can I use my Smart Bro Prepaid SIM card for voice calls and/or outgoing SMS, with my mobile phone?

The Smart Bro Prepaid SIM card is a customized SIM that can only be used for data. Voice and outgoing SMS have been disabled. Credits cannot be used for voice calls and/or SMS even if SIM card is transferred to a mobile phone.

21. I have an existing non-Smart SIM card (Globe, Touch Mobile or Sun). Can I possibly use my non-Smart SIM into the USB modem?

No. The Smart Bro USB modem is SIM-locked to Smart, thus, you will not be able to use your non-Smart GSM SIM into the device.


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