SMART 1500 unlimited, Sun 799 unlimited

Monday, August 31, 2009

SMART 1500 unlimited, Sun 799 unlimited

Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) on Wednesday announced that it is offering unlimited Internet to Smart Broadband Inc.’s (Smart Bro) postpaid subscribers.Smart Broadband is the Internet provider subsidiary of Smart.


Plan 1500 - unlimited , no details on Smart Bro website on sign up requirement, hope they match SUN requirements which are simple (see below), SMART makes you take 2 year contract requirement, SUN has none (no contract requirement easy 799)! (see update on SMART requirements at end of this post, still more difficult or invading your banking privacy, rather than just a simple paid bill, SMART already has your 1500 so they have little risk, not like a phone!) And why not make it instant approval rather than a complicated followup and come back? Heck this is an internet company now it should use the internet to get instant approvals and emails to customers such as monthly bills and approvals! Or do they want to be more like the government that everyone in the office has to sign to justify their salary hehe, joke.

All come with a USB modem. HSDPA up to 2mbps only in selected areas

Comparison to SUN and Globe

Globe 230 hours a month is 1,499 and up to 2 mbps

SUN 799 month USB 2 mbps unlimited

Note the simple Application Requirements for Sun, compared to SMART many steps

Completely filled-out Service Application Form, Valid ID, A Competitor Bill or Proof of Billing/Proof of Income And no contract under their easy broadband plan 799 pesos a month. Such a joy to have a company that cuts the paperwork, my comment!
Plan 999 2-in-1 Deal includes a free cell phone

Update: SMART Officials added that applying for a Smart Bro Plan 1500 subscription just need to fill out an application form, and present a valid proof of identification, a proof of address, and a financial document such as one’s latest income tax return, current bank statement, or a bank certification letter, at any Smart Wireless Center nationwide. (Why not with a retailer dealer as well?) My comment: Wonder why they can't make it standard requirements like the other phone companies, since they already have your downpayment of 1,500 which will cover their usb device, and just ask for a previous billing at your current address with proof of payment or very simple like Globe just an ID and one month payment? Wonder why they want your bank statement for a no risk on their part transaction unlike phone companies (but in fact Globe landline allows you just an ID, one month payment,) or in my case, previous bill from a SMART account, etc?


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