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Monday, August 31, 2009

So we could better see which 3g internet provider is giving us the best deals, I made this simple chart to compare postpaid and prepaid mobile 3G plans of Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.

The chart is short and simple — compare rates for prepaid mobile 3g surfing, postpaid plans as well as ongoing bundled promos.
3g internet

Both Smart and Sun Cellular are running bucket offers — Smart has the Php50 per 5 hours and Php100 per 12 hours promo, while Sun Cellular is offering their SWB at Php100 per 6 hours and Php300 per 24 hours. Globe doesn’t have this kind of bucket plans.

For postpaid, both Globe and Smart offer 60 hours free internet for Php799 a month. However, Sun Cellular is offering unlimited internet for the same monthly rate.
That gives Sun Cellular the cheapest offering at Php1.1 per hour, followed by Smart at Php12.50 then Globe at Php13.30/hour.

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