PHILIPPINES Mobile 3G is now cheaper than DSL!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Via Yugatech blog:  Let’s look at how much a 1Mbps to 3Mbps residential DSL costs nowadays:
PLDT myDSL 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL only)
Globe Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL w/ free Landline)
Bayan DSL 1.5Mbps: Php1,699
Sky Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,999
The sky broadband speed listed above is for non-skycable subscriber, if you are a skycable user, it is 3Mbps..

Now let’s look at a rundown of unlimited mobile 3G by the networks and see if the prices are cheaper or not:
Sun Wireless Broadband 2Mbps – Php799
SmartBro Plug-It 2Mbps – Php999
Globe Tattoo 2Mbps – Php1,200

Comments in Yugatech blog

Well, it is true that they are cheaper but if you put in reliability and consistency into the mix, I’d still pay for a fix line.  It is very inconsistent and not as reliable as a wired connection. There’s lot of capping policies even though Telcos do not admit this directly to its customers.  ..........been using both a wired and wireless DSL and I should say that my wired one never fails as often and gives a consistent connection



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