No more 50 peso one day unlimited surfing at SMART BRo? SUN and Globe still have

Friday, October 15, 2010

Update March 31, 2011
Smart has restarted the 50 peso a day unlimited surfing just like SUN. But the added hassle with SMART is that you get charged for every load you send  and must maintain a one peso load while SUN is more customer friendly not charging additional for the broadband loading or requiring any remaining balance after the broadband load. This hassle should be elimated from SMART unli broadband as they are getting your money to load why make it more hassles?

For just P200, get 5 days of unlimited surfing -- that's just P40 per day! smart  To register, text UNLISURF 200 to 2200! For P50, you get unlimited fun for one whole day!  To register, text UNLISURF 50 to 2200 from your SmartBro account.  You may also log on to

Network Settings:  Go to TOOLS, Options, Profile Management, New
1. SMART Postpaid   Profile Name : SMART Postpaid
Select Static     APN : internet   Access number : *99#   Save  Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401
2. SMART Prepaid Profile Name : SMARTPrepaid Select Static  APN : internet   Access number : *99#
Save Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401
I am not sure about any 100 peso unlisurf package now like SUN offers which includes 3 days surfing

Smart Bro now has two 'unlisurf' packages  (September 17, 2010)  P100 2 days and P200 for 5 days.

Smart has eliminated their 50 peso one day load it seems.  So you muay want to switch to SUN or Globe which still offers the one day for 50 pesos and in fact Sun offers 3 hours for 25 pesos and 3 days for 100 pesos or 7 days for 250 pesos. Click the Sun usb link at the side column to learn more/
50 pesos one day or 5 days is 220.  I would suggest that the 5 days is better at SMART at only 200 Pesos.
Sun Broadband Wireless P50 (SBW50) one day  unlimited internet
Sun Broadband Wireless P100 3 days unlimited
Sun Broadband Wireless P250 7 days unlimited internet
Contact the SUN hotline by dialing 200 on your cell phone to get the details
SMART Bro Broadband

10 pesos per 30 mins surfing still is available
1 SMART Bro UnliSURF is designed for heavy internet users so plug-in your stick right about now. For an affordable price of P200, you'll get 5 days of unlimited surfing (P40 per day). Here's how to use SMART Bro UnliSURF thru Webconnect or SMS text.

There is also a 100 peso package (you can send a text to unlisurf from your smart usb and but you must have 2 extra pesos load, as the message costs 1 peso and you must maintain 1 peso load.

To enjoy SMART Bro UnliSURF via Webconnect:

Log on to
Select UnliSURF Packages then click Submit.
Via SMS:

Text UNLISURF 200 send to 2200 (subscriber must have initial load balance of P210).
Text UNLISURF 100 send to 2200 (subscriber must have initial load balance of P110).


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